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Goat, Textured 50#

Goat, Textured 50#
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Textured Goat

16.00% PROTEIN... 2.00% FAT... 10.00% FIBER

50 lbs

Product Reviews

Reviewed by BeckyCooper
BeckyCooper bought "Goat, Textured 50#" on our website
03/10/2017 - 09:45:54 PM

My goats love it!

My goats had been eating rabbit pellets for a long while (happily, they quite enjoyed it) but I was looking for better quality. After trying a goat feed I found on another website that the goats HATED (they preferred to eat the chicken feed, let their food go to waster all the time) we just got our first bag of Alaska Mill and Feed's textured goat feed. They all love it! I have an Angora Buck, a Nypine wether, and a Nigerian/Nubian/Angora/Alpine doe. All 3 now ignore the chicken feed and the chicken coop and concentrate on devouring their feed. Very happy to have made the switch.

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