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13z Canine Caviar 97% Goat

13z Canine Caviar 97% Goat
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Canine Caviar's 97% Goat Grain Free Canned Dog Food Supplement is a single protein diet that contains No Grains, No fillers, No Added Sugar or Salt, and No Artificial Colors or Preservatives. Canine Caviar canned diets are perfect for dogs that have allergies to other proteins, if you are looking for an alternative to raw (the can is cold processed) or an alternative protein to stimulate your pet’s immune system. You can feed Canine Caviar canned foods as a treat, supplement, or the base of a home prepared meal.

Benefits of Goat: One of the most lean protein sources, comparable to venison, and contains less cholesterol, fat and protein over lamb and beef.

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