Alaskan Granular Fish Bone Meal Fertilizer 5#

Alaskan Granular Fish Bone Meal Fertilizer 5#
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Alaska fishbone fertilizer has been used for more than a decade in Alaska's farming and gardening community. Approved for use by organic producers, Fishbone fertilizer is full of micronutrients and is used in vermiculture, composting and all gardening and field situations. This fish fertilizer blended from fish meal and fish bones gives you nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, a small amount of potassium, and many micronutrients. It has been proven effective on carrots, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, peas, lawns, pastures, hay fields, flowers, bulbs, shrubs, and fruit trees in Alaska. Indoor use is not recommended due to odor. 

Product Analysis:

N...5-6%, P...6-8%, K...1/2%, Ca...10-20% 


White cod bonemeal


Shipping weight: 6 lbs

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